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Doctor of the Generation of Winners


Famous sports physician, Honoured Doctor of the Russian Federation, retired Medical Colonel

Oleg Markovich Belakovsky is a famous Soviet sports physician, Honoured Doctor of the Russian Federation, retired Medical Colonel. Oleg Markovich devoted more than 70 years of his life to serving in the Army and army sports, going from a student of the S.M. Kirov Military Medical Academy to the Deputy Chief of the CSKA Medical Support. As a member of the team, he became an Olympic champion in football and hockey three times, was a multiple champion and medalist of the world and European Championships. Dr. Belakovsky is not just a title and a name, it is a synonym for the greatest victories of our sports, a symbol of its history.

Doctor of the “Generation of Winners” — this is what Oleg Belakovsky was called. A veteran-paratrooper, he took part in the most severe battles of the World War II and survived an injury. After the War, he became the Chief Sports Medicine Officer of CSKA and the USSR National Football and Hockey Teams. His name was associated with the most high-profile successes of Soviet athletes.

M. Belakovsky was born on September 6, 1921 in Elisavetgrad (now Kirovograd, Kropyvnytskyi) in the family of a doctor. In the late 30s, Oleg Belakovsky played football and Russian hockey in the teams of Sestroretsk and Leningrad (now Saint-Petersburg) together with the legendary Vsevolod Bobrov, whose friendship he carried through his life.

Since 1938 in USSR and now in Russian Federation, an adjunct is a military officer who is preparing for scientific or pedagogical activity at higher military educational institution or research institution of the Russian Army or the Ministry of Internal Affairs. One of the goals of the adjunct program is to present a dissertation for the degree of Candidate of Science (analog of PhD in Europe/USA). Adjunct courses are the military equivalent of postgraduate studies.

For Oleg Belakovsky, the war ended on May 12, 1945 in Czechoslovakia. In 1951, after completing advanced training courses at the Military Faculty of the Central Institute for Advanced Medical Training, he was appointed a doctor of the Air Force football and hockey team. Since 1954, he served in CSKA as a doctor of the football team, Head of the Medical and Sports Dispensary, Deputy Head of CSKA Medical Support.

Ледовый Дворец Спорта ЦСКА 19 декабря 1996 года. Торжественное награждение золотым шлемом за выдающийся вклад в развитие отечественного хоккея.

Since 1955, O. M. Belakovsky was actively involved in providing medical support to the leading athletes of the national teams of the country and CSKA in various sports for important competitions. Oleg Markovich Belakovsky worked with the national teams of the USSR and Russia in football and hockey, he was the doctor of the USSR football team — the Olympic Champion in 1956 (Melbourne) and hockey team — the Champion of the 1972 Winter Olympics (Sapporo) and 1976 (Innsbruck) and other important competitions (World and European Championships in football and hockey, the first matches with Canadian professionals in 1972 and 1974, etc.). As the doctor of the USSR hockey team, he was awarded numerous gold, silver and bronze medals at the World and European Championships.

M. Belakovsky was one of the authors of the brigade method of medical examinations used for medical support of army athletes, a comprehensive approach to the recovery of sick and injured athletes. He proposed a number of methods for determining the functional state of athletes in order to increase efficiency in the practice of sports teams’ doctors. His methods had great success and contributed to the improvement of the medical provision of athletes and their achievement of high sporting results in important competitions for many years.

In 1987, O. M. Belakovsky retired due to age and in recent years worked as a Consultant Doctor in sports medicine for CSKA, was elected Honorary President of the CSKA Sports Fans Club, and carried out extensive public work to educate coaches, doctors, athletes and fans in the spirit of devotion to Russian and army sports.

Дружеский шарж

M. Belakovsky actively promoted a healthy lifestyle and the necessity of constant physical training and sports. In 2005, he was awarded with the international award “Profession — Life” in the category “Great Healer”. O. M. Belakovsky was awarded with seven orders (“For Services to the Fatherland of the IV Degree”, “Patriotic War of the I Degree” — 2, “Red Star” — 2, “Friendship of Peoples”, “Badge of Honor”) and 24 medals.

Due to his high business qualities, kindness, commitment, constant care for the sick and injured, and love for people, O. M. Belakovsky enjoyed great authority and popularity among soldiers and officers of the Russian army, as well as athletes, coaches – regardless of their departmental affiliation, medical workers, and all people who love and understand sports. In recent years, O. M. Belakovsky passed on his knowledge and experience to young doctors. His students currently run the CSKA Medical Service and are doctors for Russian National teams in various sports.

Oleg Markovich Belakovsky died on July 19, 2015 after a long illness at the age of 94.


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Четыре истории доктора Белаковского (25мин.)

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Открытие бюста Белаковскому на Алее Славы ЦСКА


  • Honored doctor of the Russian Federation

    Retired Medical Colonel

    Veteran of the Airborne forces

  • Doctor of the USSR national ice hockey team – two-time Olympic champion

    Five-time World champion, three-time silver and bronze medalist of the World Championship

  • Doctor of the USSR National Football Team – Olympic champion

    European Championship silver medalist

  • Member of the National Hockey Hall of Fame

  • Winner of the international award “Profession — Life” in the category “Great Healer”, 2005

  • CSKA Sports Medicine Consultant



«Я благодарен судьбе, что она не обделила меня главным чувством, благодаря которому испытал в жизни самые большие взлеты и радости – любовью. Любовью к единственной в мире женщине, моей покойной жене Ниночке. К родителям. К друзьям. К фронтовым товарищам-десантникам, вместе с которыми имел честь защищать свою страну в годы Великой Отечественной войны. Любовью к своей профессии. Мне посчастливилось работать в большом спорте в золотую пору советского футбола и хоккея с талантливыми, мужественными спортсменами, с величайшими тренерами…»
Олег Маркович Белаковский.

29 апреля 1923 года — принято считать Днем рождения ЦСКА.
Из воспоминаний О.М. Белаковского: «В 1957 году ЦДСА переименовали в ЦСК МО, но такая аббревиатура никому не нравилась. Однажды в клуб приехал генерал Ревенко и мы стали думать над новым названием. Колебались между “Красной Звездой”, “Звездой” и возвратом к ЦДСА. Я предложил: “Давайте просто – Центральный спортивный клуб армии”. Ревенко передал министру, тот утвердил…».